• April 6, 2019

Christian Porn and Masturbation Addiction

Some topics are rarely spoken about, yet remain problems that are destroying lives every single day. Christian porn addiction and excessive masturbation addiction are two such subjects The personal and embarrassing nature of such addictions and habits means that so much suffering silently the destructive results of porn addiction, silently crying for someone to help them

Thankfully help I can not say strong enough, or encourage you more forcefully, if you are a Christian porn addict or are trapped in addictive sexual behavior patterns. It is a quality decision that recognizes that the cost of continuing in your present thought patterns and behavior patterns is far too great, free to break free of whatever painful changes are needed avpockie.

Someone said, until the pain of staying in the pain, we will not change My expectation is that, if you’re reading this, the pain and shame you are experiencing every day because of your relationship with pornography, and that you are serious about freeing to break free

Here are the steps to get:

Number One,

The person with the addiction must know that there is problem Porn addicts often try to convince themselves and others that porn is not a problem. The first step is realization that pornography is destructive and damages ourselves, and the relationships we really value.

Number Two,

Accountability Make your decision about your behaviors and actions This kind of support Often a church minister or a good Christian friend can help with this, as well as something like the Covenant Eyes program and the candeo porn addiction program.

Number Three,

Take steps to distance yourself from temptation Porn and sexually explicit images This will include installing software, or deciding not to use the computer, or if necessary and if possible at all!

Number Four,

Engage in a proven recovery program Excellent programs exist right now that are helping thousands of people and women walk free from Christian porn and masturbation addiction. You can be one of those people who have reclaimed their freedom. Some programs, like the Candeo freedom from porn program, have proven to be very successful, and even offer a free mini-course to get you started.