Texas Hold’em Ain’t No Sport

  • August 19, 2020

It leads to some compulsive gambling.

Basketball great Michael Jordan said he is ashamed of how far he can take his life over gambling. He went on to say that he is not a compulsive gambler.

“I’ve gotten myself into (gambling) situations where I wouldn’t have walked away and pushed the envelope. I just wanted to go out on a limb and win, and sometimes that would take you past the stage. You should probably take a step back link vào fun88.

“But my drive to win is so great I just step over that line. It’s very embarrassing … One of the things you totally regret. So you look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘I was stupid’.”

Hmmm… a compulsive gambler like that? But byadmitting his problem, he has shown again his greatness as an individual. He needs help and he will get it.

When I was a kid, gambling was always the background. Back in the rodeo scene, my friends and I would watch cowboys shoot crap in cowboy bars. We never heard such language? (I thought I knew how to swear in both English and Spanish but I was just a piker.) We never saw such enthusiastic energy dissipation either. Now those cowboys look compulsive to me. And crap shooting is a sport like that.

When I Moved to Compulsive Gambling I moved to the Atlantic City area of ​​New Jersey. The state allowed casinos to be built along the famous boardwalk. Donald Trump build three casinos. One was across town. (Rather than one Ivana Trump ran and she did a good job of it.)

Casino workers from Los Vegas (along with their drug addicted kids) moved into the area and before long the gambling scene was booming. When I arrived in the area, only Mervin Griffin had a casino, but there were many when I left.

In the meantime, I got interested in compulsive gambling. Once-wealthy business owners were described as “The Atlantic City Press” because of compulsive gambling. Some were suing the casinos for egging them on. Many other citizens of the area, not immune to the gambling virus, were going bankrupt.

I have a problem with my novels focusing on the problem (In No Way Guilty). The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey. The Director provided me with what I needed to know.

At first, I thought: Write another “Lost Weekend.” A new detective novel in the first chapter of The Compulsive Gambler, which kills the simple, realizing that I would need talent. I called up Richard Lacey out of my mind (Bone China), and let him deal with the talented and beautiful wife of the gambler.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey has taken that poker storm and their help line is off the wall. Many adolescents are help in calling. You can read their report at: []

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia we read: “Texas hold ’em (or simply hold’ em or holdem) is the most popular of the community card poker games. It is the most popular poker variant played in the western United States, and its no-limit form is used in the main event of the World Series of Poker (abbreviated WSOP), a widely recognized sport of world championships. ” Read the full report at:

Texas Hold Time Em is treated as a sport by the television sports media. (The travel and other channels, too.) Actually, Texas holds more butterfly than a sport. (We all know that a true sport must have a ball.)

Texas hol’em, is like watching pond turtles on a rock.

This “tutle watching” has gone too far. The purpose is to get more people into cascinos and also into online gambling sites.

It has gone past that.

Have you read ads in your local newspapers announcing a poker tournament on the weekend at The Blaw Blaw Hall? Everybody puts a hundred bucks and wins the pot until they play.

Many juveniles are wrapped up in gambling. Some have dropped out of school to pursue gambling carers. (It’s sad that much of this gambling activity is carried out on college campuses.)

A few have been lucky and made some money, but there are far more loosers than winners and some have hampered their future careers and their educational goals.

My research into compulsive gambling told a story of greed, failure, and despair. Compulsive gamblers may steal, commit fraud, lie, or even kill the money they need to keep gambling.

Sadly, their families suffer terribly as I tried to betray “In No Way Guilty.” Nothing is more disheartening than a hundred bill collectors pounding your door and not knowing where poker.


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